Nick Valencia

Nick Valencia, Certified Health Coach

People always ask me, “What are you?”, “How do you stay so lean?”, “Are you a vegetarian?”  Until recently, my response has always been the same, I say that I’m “Plant-Based” (hence the name Plant Based Body) Just to be clear, I am not against the consumption of animal products. What I am for, is introducing more nutrient dense foods into your diet; foods that have been shown in countless scientific studies to increase overall health and well-being. I always tell my clients that do eat animal products to be conscious of where their food comes from, and to make sure that it is organic, free-range and grass-fed.

Today, I have a better response to the commonly asked question, “What are you?”. I respond with a term that was coined by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. “I’m a Nutritarian!”. Being a Nutritarian means that I eat with purpose. In other words, I eat the highest amount of Nutrients per calorie possible. For me, it is the only way; It’s a conscious decision I make everyday to provide my cells with the proper nutrition they need to grow healthy and prevent disease and chronic illness. By eating with purpose, I am able to enhance balance in my bodily systems, cure common symptoms and achieve and maintain a strong, lean physique.

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